The white-stone Sanshin statue and very rare Bukseong-shin [North Star Sprit of Longevity] statue of Chunghyo-sa.
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Spectacular New Devotional Temple in Yeongcheon County
Bohyeon-san  Chunghyo-sa
普賢山 忠孝寺   보현산 충효사
Artificial cave Sanshin-gak, from this Korean blog.
This term
Chung-hyo means "to be loyal to the state and show filial piety to parents", classic Confucian virtues.
That's fitting, as this temple is a dedicated
doryang to Jijang-bosal the Bodhisattva of Afterlife Salvation.
The mountain's name, Bohyeon, refers to the Bodhisattva of Benevolent Action