the "Flying-Dragon" Mountain of Yechon County
viewpoint for the famous Hoeryong-po Village, and home of Jangan-sa Temple
about 20 km south of the Baekdu-daegan Crest, 10 km east of Mungyeong City
This recently-built Hoeryong-dae Pavilion, near
the 240-meter summit, has become a popular
tourist-stop for viewing the Hoeryong-po Village.
Charming Hoeryong-po Village (previously named "Uiseong-po"), is squeezed in an extreme
bend of the Naeseong-cheon Stream, shortly before it runs into the Naktong River.
Nearby, the venerable Seoksong-ryeong 600-year-old Pine Tree.
Also nearby, the 300-year-old Chogan-jeong Pavilion, with its own sacred-pine-grove.
A bit further away, Yecheon's Dojeong-seowon Academy
honors a great local Neo-Confucian scholar
Not far from that, the sacred old
"Hwangmok-geun" Zelkova Tree
is still treasured by residents.