Biryong-san Jangan-sa
"Guardian of Peace Temple"
about 20 km south of the Baekdu-daegan Crest, 10 km east of Mungyeong City
The Signboard of the Samseong-gak or Three Saints Shrine (above-right)
Nice modern San-shin painting in there, featuring three dongja attendants --
and, all figures clustered-together in the middle to an unusual degree.
Bukseong-shin North-Star Spirit in the Chilseong Painting
Matching Dokseong or Lonely Saint Icon, by the same artist
3 Nahan [Arhants, primary disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha] on the inner-wall of the
Samseong-gak, implying that it has the same status as a Nahan-jeon [Arhant Hall].