The Top-7 Buddhist Temples of South Korea
These are the six Buddhist monasteries of the Republic of Korea that
I have judged to be the most-worth-visiting, also among the largest
and most religiously-important in the entire nation, and most-scenic,
with the most amazing profound treasures to view.  Friends of mine
that are also deeply into Korea's temples tend to agree with this.

These are the six that I most recommend for any pilgrim to visit!!

They are listed in alphabetical order by the Romanized temple-name;
no preference is indicated, I consider these 7 all equally "best".
Sogni-san  Beobju-sa*              속리산 법주사

Taebaek-san  Buseok-sa*        태백산 부석사
(or Seondal-san, Bonghwang-san or Sobaek-san)

Toham-san  Bulguk-sa*            토함산 불국사
(including Seokgul-am Cave-shrine)

Gaya-san  Haein-sa*                 가야산 해인사

Moak-san Geumsan-sa             모악산 금산사

Jiri-san  Hwaeom-sa                 지리산 화엄사

Yeongchuk-san or Chuiseo-san  
Tongdo-sa*             영축산 취서산 통도사
* = these great Korean temples were designated by UNESCO
on the World Cultural Heritage Sites List   -- see
this page.