Sobaek-san  Sanshin-je
held by a Ginseng-Hunter's Association
April 23rd, 2011  /  21st Day of the Third Moon, 4344
at the Seonbi-chon Scholar's Village  Yeongju City, Punggi Town
Those who hunt for extremely precious
wild ginseng roots [
sansam] are called
Shim-mani", and often work alone or
with only a spouse or friend.  This was
an annual meeting of an Association of
them, held at a meeting/dorm building in
the rear of the
Seonbi-chon, near
Sobaek-san in the Punggi-myeon area,
which has long been famous for ginseng.

This Confucian-style
Sanshin-je ritual
was the key event in their overnight
meeting.  The close association between
ginseng-hunters and the Sanshins was
detailed in my 1999 book; see also
pages.   I was invited by them to be an
officiant in their 2011 ceremony, due to
their leaders having read the Korean
Edition of my book, a surprising honor I
humbly accepted.  A crew from MBC-TV
led by Production Director Choi (blue
jacket) filmed the proceedings...
being shown a large wild ginseng root said to be worth w100,000,000 (US$90,000)
drinking wild ginseng liquor, and being given the root used to make it, to eat
the object of our veneration -- Sobaek-san -- as seen from that area that morning
speaking to the crowd about Sanshin's
identity and significance in traditional
and modern Korean culture.
discussion with them on our personal conceptions of Sanshin
fruits of their forest-searching labors