the "West Clouds Mountain"
547m in Anseong City, southern Gyeonggi Province
a Key Point along the Geumbuk-Jeongmaek Range
Seo-un-san or West-Clouds Mountain is an important sacred peak of the border-region
between southern Gyeonggi Province and northern South Chungcheong Province.  It is
west of
Chiljang-san, which forms the important mountain-system intersection where
the Hannam-jeongmaek heads NW and the Geumbuk-jeongmaek heads SW, forming
minor fertile watersheds between them on Korea's west coast.  Seo-un-san is the first
sacred mountain along the
Geumbuk-jeongmaek Range after it begins at Chiljang-san.

Don't confuse this name Seo-un-san with the more-famous
Seon-un-san [Meditation-
Clouds Mountain] down on the west coast of North Jeolla Province...
[Blue Dragon Temple]  on the southern slope:
the Dae-ung-jeon Main Hall of Cheongryong-sa,  more than two centuries old
The excellent modern San-shin painting in that Main Hall.   A recent-style realistic tiger glowers
at something off to his master's right; it's rare that his tail doesn't stick up somewhere behind,
but is under him and pops up between his front-paws, a bit comically.  Three
Dongja attendants
(two boys, one girl are well-clothed, but have crude faces; they offer the usual items.  The full-
bearded mountain-king sports an excellent Taoist cloud-cap!