Seoun-san  Jwaseong-sa
Temple just SW of the Peak of  "West Clouds Mountain"
in Anseong City, southern Gyeonggi Province
Part of the Geumbuk-jeongmaek Range
The excellent antique (age unknown) San-shin painting in the Jwaseong-sa Sanshin-gak.
The tiger is more realistic than in most antiques, but comically fat.  The sole Dongja boy-attendant
holds a straight item like a branched-sword -- either a sprig of white coral or some kind of root.   
The black-bearded mountain-king, looking younger than most, wears a Joseon-dynasty government
Minister's hat and holds both a sprig of bullocho and a tassled & bordered leaf-fan.
Thanks to trekker Roger Shepherd for these photos!