Odae-san  Sago-ji
Joseon Dynasty Archives Site
considered to be part of the Woljeong-sa Complex
Joseon Dynasty Archives Buildings (reconstructed) on the
southwestern slopes, not far from Woljeong-sa.  Behind it is
the Seonwon-bogak Hall that still survives from Joseon days.
The Joseon Dynasty took great care to ensure that its volumes of official historical records would
survive any disaster, creating five "extra" copies of all that were stored in palace libraries, and then
sending these copies to five remote locations around the nation, to be stored in special archive
buildings.  They located them at great mountains around the nation, believing that these sacred
sites could avoid the "Three Disasters" of flood, fire and wind due to their superior
geomantic factors, and powerful-guardian San-shin Mountain-spirits.  They were usually built
nearby a large temple, with the resident monks then being charged with responsibility of making
sure that the precious archives were protected.

One of these royal libraries was located here at this site just NW of Woljeong-sa, but unfortunately
was destroyed during the Korean War and not rebuilt until 2005.   The
Seonwon-bogak Meditation
Hall and Shrine built together with the archives building still survives in authentic condition, however.