Gangneung Hyanggyo
Neo-Confucian Public School
Along with Ojuk-heon, one of the two most-important
Confucian sacred-sites in the Odae-san Region
The Gangneung Hyanggyo, a Neo-Confucian Public School for aristocratic boys, was founded
in 1307 under the influence of An Hyang after he brought the teachings of Zhu Xi from China.
It was rebuilt and expanded several times during the Joseon Era, and fortunately survived both
modernization and the Korean War -- making it one of Korea's best-preserved Hyanggyo.  It
now sits proudly aside a modern high school in central Gangneung, directly east of Odae-san.
These photos are mine from my CIEE tour-visit in June 2019, and some images that the Hyanggyo leaders gave me to use.
historical biseok monument, 1700s
portrait of Sage Confucius, in the archives
The Daeseong-jeon or Great Sages Shrine-Hall, modeled after the main national one in Sunggyun-gwan
University in Seoul, where Confucius and other Chinese and Korean wise-saints are venerated.
Interior, with the main altars -- spirit-tablets covered when not in use.
the Incense-burner, with the Eight Trigrams of the I Ching in the "Latter Heaven" arrangement.
75 American college students visiting Korea (Yonsei U) through CIEE, listen to me
explain Neo-Confucianism in the refurbished-floor old Lecture Hall, June 2019.
students leaving the front, under the massive Ginko Tree
Photos of a traditional ceremony held there in 2010, from Hyanggyo Archives: