Odae-san  Sangwon-sa
one of Korea's most-sacred temples
in the Odae-san National Park
within the holy Buddhist Five Platforms Mountains,
Korean Home of Munsu the Bodhisattva of Wisdom as-a-Child
a key Sacred Site along the Baekdu-daegan
Still  Under  Construction
Other Odae-san Pages:

1.  Introduction and parallels to China's Wutai-shan
Guksa-Seonghwang and San-shin Shrines of Daegwan-ryeong Pass
3.  Woljeong-sa Temple
4.  Sangwon-sa Temple
5.  Jeokmul-bogung and Chungdae-bong Peak
6.  Northern Peak and Hermitage
7.  Eastern Peak and Hermitage
8.  Western Peak and Hermitage
9.  Sogeumgang-gyegok, the famous "Little Diamond Mountains" Scenic-Valley
Sangwon-sa nearly buried in the Winter
from a brochure
A very rare depiction of the legend of Munsu-bosal [Bodhisattva of Wisdom] appearing in the form of a
back-washing boy to King Sejo (15th Cen), from
Buyeo City's Daejo-sa (which is nowhere near here)