Odae-san's  Central Platform
Jungdae or Biro-bong Peak
Saja-am & Jeokmul-bogung
"Lion Hermitage  &  Sarira Treasure-Palace Shrine"
considered to be part of the Woljeong-sa Complex
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Introduction and Index Page
2.  Guksa-Seonghwang and San-shin Shrines of Daegwan-ryeong Pass
3.  Woljeong-sa Temple
4.  Sangwon-sa Temple
5.  Jeokmyeol-bogung, Saja-am and Chungdae-Biro-bong Peak
6.  Northern Peak and Hermitage
7.  Eastern Peak and Hermitage
8.  Western Peak and Hermitage
9.  Sogeumgang-gyegok, the famous "Little Diamond Mountains" Scenic-Valley