Nonsan City's   Banya-san
Temple featuring the odd Ungjin-Mireuk Statue
National Treasure #323,  in SW South Chungcheong Province
One of Korea's "Great 108 Temples"
Gwanchok-sa Temple  
Eungjin-Mireuk statue:
Maitreya the Future
Buddha, envisioned
a thousand years ago
Photos from 1884!
Paintings on the Main Dharma Hall, about how the statue was created
News from the Cultural Heritage Administration in April 2018: "This popularly approachable stone
bodhisattva, sometimes called an “ugly stone Buddha,” was re-evaluated based on the delicate
expression of Goryeo aesthetics hidden behind its rough appearance. The "Standing Maitreya
Bodhisattva Stone Statue of Gwanchoksa Temple" was accordingly upgraded in heritage status
from Korean Treasure to National Treasure No. 323, generating considerable public attention."