내장산  Inner Virtue Mountain
Most-Sacred Sites on and Near Naejang-san:



Jeongeup County  Museong Seowon
Bulchul-bong [Buddha-Enter Peak]  and the general Naejang-sa Valley,  KNP 2008
The Gukgi-je Neo-Confucian Royal Ceremony held annually outside of Naejang-sa
Mt. Naejang-san  [內藏山, Hidden-Within Mountain]  has been a sacred Buddhist
mountain since the early 600s during the late Baekje 百濟 Kingdom (18
BCE–660CE),   It was granted
this name, implying that something sacred is concealed or stored within these deep slopes, in 1557
when Naejang-sa Temple was rebuilt by Master Huimuk.

Naejang-san became a National Park of about 81.5 square kilometers in 1971, straddling the central
part of the border between North and South Jeolla Provinces.  It has become famous for the glorious
tints of its autumn foliage, maple trees having been cultivated there by the monks for centuries;  the
entrance-road to this temple becomes a tunnel of red, orange and yellow maple trees from 50 to 200
years old – crowded with busloads of tourists every day.   The summit is
Shinseon-bong  [Spirit-
Immortal Peak], a Daoist name, at 763 meters;  there are many other crags with Buddhist names.