曹溪山      조계산
Huineng's Mountain in Korea     884m
Foundation Site of the Jogye Order
In the northern tip of Suncheon City, Jeonnam
A key member of the Honam-Jeongmaek Range
the (former) Sanshin-do of Songgwang-sa
the Sanshin-do of Seonam-sa
famous entrance of Songgwang-sa
In August 2014, the summit of Mt. Jogye-san soars over rooftops of Songgwang-sa,
the "Expansive Pines Monastery", one of Korea's greatest temples.
West face and southern ridge, from Gwangwon-am Hermitage
from the western entrance-road
West face and northern ridge, from Gamro-am Hermitage, with ancient biseok monument