Spreading-Pines Monastery
Foundation Site of the Jogye Order
Korea's Great "Sangha-Jewel" Temple
the old Sanshin-do of Songgwang-sa
is a great antique, figures clustered in the center
with a 'swirling' feel.  The long tiger is classically
"folkish", the Daoist-cloud-capped Mtn-King has
his hands hidden in his royal sleeves, and 3 male
dongja attendants are interesting.  

It's a pity that my 22-year-old photo is so poor...   
This icon is no longer on public display, and I don't
know where it is -- probably in the Temple Museum
collection.   There is no Sanshin shrine at this
temple, nor in its close hermitages
(nor Dokseong,
Chilseong and Yong-wang)...  this seems to be an
ideological decision
by the Abbot? to exclude Korean
folk-Buddhist factors, following Master Seongcheol.
Songgwang-sa's most-photographed sight is at its entrance,
a stone-bridge over the stream and the view-pavilion.
Summer and Winter -- one of Korea's largest Buddhist temples, and with a deeply profound history
The gigantic Main Dharma Hall, labeled a Daegwang-bojeon [Great Luminescence Treasure-Hall]
on its pyeonaek signboard;  this was rebuilt around the year 2000.
The main entrance
Halls to the left of the Main Dharma Hall.  Areas to the right and behind are mostly closed to the
public, as there are devoted to serious study and meditation by dozens to hundreds of monks.
old painted map of the entire compound