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Eunseok-bong the Bear-Stone Mountain
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Modern-built "Comfort Fortune" Temple on Wang-san's Eastern Foot
in the Far-Northeast  (Central Sancheong County)  Sector of Jiri-san
The Samseong-gak and San-shin painting in it, at Wangbok-sa, a fairly new temple close to
Sancheon Town, at the bottom of the eastern slope of Wang-san, to the northeast of Jiri-san.
The excellent modern Chilseong  [Seven Stars of the Big Dipper] painting there.  
Bukseong-shin [North Star Spirit] on Left,
and the
Wol-bosal [Moon Bodhisattva] with a very Sanshin-ish Lower-Star-Official at Right.
The truly-excellent modern Dokseong painting, with crane and books
and a
dongja-boy making tea, and an unusual white-robed Shinseon
sitting at a cliff-cave painted on the outside wall of that Samseong-gak.