Jeokjo-am and Other Shrines
South of the Eomcheon River,
north of Ssukbatjae Peak, in far-southern Hamyang County
in the Inner-Northeast / Hamyang County Sector of Jiri-san
May 2006
South of the Eomcheon-gang River from the Highway, Jeokjo-am is a
small Buddhist temple of Jiri-san with charming atmosphere, due to
its naturalist architecture, views of the distant ridges, usage of granite
grind-stones as flagstones for its pathways, many
onggi clay jars for
kimchi & soya-sauces, and its old-fashioned outdoor Korean kitchen
(below).  The San-shin painting is fairly ordinary -- only the multi-
colored feather-fan-like banner is unusual.  This Hermitage shares the
same name with an ancient one on the west slope of Hambaek-san
(that famous Jeokjo-am is one of
Korea's Highest-Altitude Temples).
Daeryeon-sa [Great Lotus Temple] is a very Shamanist-flavored place just across the river from the highway.  
It features Buddhist statues out back in rock-niches, and two large Shamanic Shin-jung [Assembly of all Spirits]
altar-paintings that include, Cheseok-bul, Yong-wang, Princess Pari, the Sam-shin, Chil-seong,
Okhwang-sangje, Guardian Generals and of course San-shin and Sanshin-dosa.
The Yongyudam-Yongdang [Dragon-Bequeathed-Pond
Dragon-Shrine] is thoroughly and explicitly Korean-
Shamanist, further up above the river.    It features a
[boulder-outcropping] turned into a naturalist
[Mountain-spirit Shrine], with a small crude San-shin
statue and encased dolls of the eight daughters of the
Okhwang-sangje -- or perhaps they're intended to be the
eight daughters of
Jiri's Seongmo-Halmae-Sanshin...
Further in the Inner-Northeast / S.
Hamyang County Sector of Jiri-san:
Byeok-song-sa and the West Hermitage
Beobhwa-san, the Dharma-Blossom Mountain
Eomcheon-gang River Area:  N. Munsu-sa.
Gyeonbul-sa, major new "Viewing Buddha Temple"
Eastern Macheon-myeon District:
Hanshin-gyegok Scenic Gorge
Baekmu-dong-gyegok Scenic Gorge
Chottae-bong & Yeong- shin Peaks,
Seseok-pyeongjeon Field & Seseok-cheon Spring
(under construction)
Jeokjo-am Hermitage, about 500m up the ridge towards Ssukbatje Peak
San-shin & Sanshin-dosa details
from the Shamanic Shin-jung
altar-paintings of Daeryeon-sa