Jiri-san Nogo-dan's
Sandong Valley  and
Surak-pokpo Waterfall
in the Southwestern Sector of Jiri-san
This valley was the original site of the Royal Sanshin-gak for Jiri-san as Nam-ak [South Sacred-
Guardian Peak].  It contains a Hot Springs Resort with tourist village, along with the Surak-pokpo
shown above.    Curiously, there is not a single Buddhist temple or large Shamanic Shrine that
can be found in the entire valley east of the highway -- unusual for any sector of Jiri-san!
The waterfall is easy to walk to from the parking areas, allows swimming for free in its pools,
and the outer area has several nice country-cuisine tourist-restaurants.  It was probably a sacred
site in traditional times, but there is no sign of that now -- no shrine or temple anywhere nearby.
This is one of the 3 great waterfalls of the Exquisite Wisdom Mountains,
along with Bulil-pokpo and Guryong-pokpo.
monuments at the entrance to Wonjwa Village, central Sandong
tourist map of Gurye County
in early November
Sandong Valley shot from above, from the Nogo-dan Highway Ridge to its east
The vast Sandong-gol [Mountain-Village Valley] of Sandong-myeon District is most of the western
side of venerable Nogo-dan Peak at the western end of Jiri's long Main Ridge.  It is Korea's capital
of red
sansuyu berries, which make a variety of healthful products including a nice wine -- the
Sansuyu Cultural Festival is a great annual event.   
Part of the site where they hold the annual Sansuyu Cultural Festival
Jiri-san Hot Springs Area