Samjeong-bong   Godam-sa   고담사
in the Upper-North / Samjeong-bong / west-Macheon Sector of Jiri-san  
Godam-sa  [Ancient Story Temple, referring to Folklore] is a small Goryeo Dynasty
worship-site that lay in ruins for centuries (just a source of legends) on the north-eastern
slope of Samjeong-bong, on the western side of Macheon-myeon, just north of where the
small road to Yeongwon-sa begins.  It may have been founded as early as 800 CE, but
there is no clear evidence.  Only this makeshift-Main-Hall now serves to honor the
Goryeo standing-Buddha relief-on-boulder carving.  The hall has a window looking to
the Buddha over its altar rather than any icon.
A very nice Lotus Pond offers a view of Chang-am-san
(923m), while the overgrown Sanshin-gak of this temple
is made of stone walls in front of another boulder.
The San-shin icons inside are
very simple and cheap, like
the ones most shamans use.
The relief-on-boulder carving
that has stood here since it was
made in the Goryeo Dynasty
nearly a thousand years ago,
but was "lost" for centuries.   It
was only recently rediscovered
and cleaned off, and is now
Korea's Treasure #375.

Godam-sa has only recently even
appeared on maps of this area.  It
would be quite famous if it were
almost anywhere else -- it just
goes to show how culturally-rich
Jiri-san is, that an antique artwork
like this can be considered a
minor site of little note...
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