North  Munsu-sa
Significant Modern-built Temple on Jiri's NE Slope
in the Inner-Northeast  (Southern Hamyang County) Sector of Jiri-san
The Bukseong-shin [North Star Spirit] in
Chilseong [Seven Stars of the Big
Dipper] painting in that Samseong-gak.
San-shin is depicted in the front row of the Shin-jung
[Assembly of guardian Spirits] painting in that Shrine,
with a wood-ax over his shoulder upon which hangs a
basket of
bullocho herbs -- an extremely rare motif!
-- a
dongja-boy is sometimes painted doing that
behind the San-shin, but not he himself...
The San-shin paintings in 1998 and 2006 -- totally different!
The Samseong-gak in 1998 and in 2006 -- just the same
Munsu-sa and Munsu-am are very common temple-names in South Korea, expressing a dedication
Manjusri the Bodhisattva of Wisdom [Munsu-bosal] -- there must be two dozen of them nationwide.   There
are four right here at Jiri-san, all of them built in the 20th Century, due to its ancient association with that important
Buddhist deity.  The largest and most significant of those are what I have labeled
South Munsu-sa and this one,
which is found at 400 meters altitude on a northeastern slope of Jiri, about 7km directly north of
Peak and 1km south of the Eomcheon-gang River (directly south of Beobhwa-san), in Unseo-ri Village of Hyu-
cheon-myeon District, in southern Hamyang County.

I have visited this temple twice, it turns out -- in October 1998 and in May 2006 -- these initial shots are from the
latter visit.   Apparently the icons in the Samseong-gak [Three Saints Shrine] were changed in between my visits,
for unknown reasons (fire? theft?), because they are now completely different, as you will see below...
statues of Bohyeon & Munsu Bodhisattvas mark the entrance
Cheonhwang-bong can be seen in the distance behind it
overall view in 1998
The Dokseong icons in 1998 and 2006 -- also changed
This modern-built Four-Lion Pagoda
follows the traditional motif of Jiri-san
started by the great stone treasures
Hwaeom-sa, way to the SE of here.
Excellent carved-wooden altar-icons of Munsu-bosal and the Shin-jung are found in the Main Hall