Namwon City
Korea's Locale of Legendary Romance
Largest urban area of the Jiri-san Region,
Covering its northwest corner
2nd-most-important city of today's North Jeolla Province,
former capital of all Jeolla in the Goryeo and Joseon Eras
Filled with Cultural Heritage Legacies from the Joseon Dynasty and before
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this page about Korea.
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Sacred Sites of Namwon City:

Urban Area and north, northeast of it:
Deokeum-am Hermitage
Manin Shrine of Imjin Martyrs
Gyoryong-san Seon-gok-sa Temple
Guryong-gyegok Nine Dragons Waterfall and Gorge
Yongdam-saji Temple-Site
Shrines of the Northwestern Slopes

Jiri-san's Upper-North:  Samjeong-bong
Shilsang-sa, one of the Gusan Zen Temples
Yaksu-am, Geumdae-am, Anguk-am,
Seojin-am and Baekjang-am Hermitages
Western Macheon-myeon District:
Yeongwon-sa and Godam-sa
Sambul-sa, Munsu-am,  Sangmuju-am and Dosol-am
Other Shrines in the Area

Jiri-san's Inner Northwest:
Baemsa-gol Scenic Valley and Samdo-bong Peak
Banya-bong, Peak of Prajna Wisdom
Myohyang-am, the Mystical-Fragrance Hermitage
Shrines in the Unbong-myeon District
Deokchi-ri Pass BDDG Monument
Juji-sa and Yeowon-am
Manbok-dae, Gori-bong, Segeol-bong, Barae-bong & Deokdu-bong
Hwangsan Victory Monument at Hwasu-ri Village
Bloody Rock at Hwang-san