Namwon City's Deokeum-am
Hermitage at the northwest corner of Jiri-san
Statue of the Yong-wang Dragon-King, seated cross-legged on a Lotus-flower throne like a
Buddha (unique!!),  and the monument recording names of the donors for its construction.
The Main Hall  and  the "Chilseong-gak" [Seven Stars Shrine] signboard,  taken from the
webpage about Deok-eum-am [Virtue-xxxxxxx Hermitage, sometimes listed as a -sa or Temple]
A truly excellent San-shin Painting!!  Late 20th-Cen, but copied from an antique predecessor.  
His bearing is more regal than most, and the official belt and chest-insignia are unusual
features.  He holds a large grey bullocho sprig in his left hand, but the right cannot be seen.  
The small temple in the elaborate-tho-crude
mountain-background (right) is a very rare addition.