the small Hermitages around Cheoneun-sa:
Bamboo-Forest Practice-Temple   죽림정사
in the Southwestern Sector of Jiri-san
In the recent San-shin painting, the expensively-clothed King
holds a large
bullocho sprig;  his dongja-girl offers a flower
while gazing at a white crane resting on a pine-bough.
In the matching Dok-seong painting, the also-finely-clad saint holds a smaller bullocho
sprig;  his two dongja-boys are playing with a turtle -- I've never seen that before!
The more-ordinary gold-lines-&-
painted-faces Surta-motif Chil-seong
painting features the
[North Star Spirit of Longevity] and a rare
[Jade Emperor of Heaven] triad in clouds
in lower-front-center
(compare with the
classic one at
The Shinjung-taenghwa of Jukrim-jeongsa features a hard-to-
find San-shin holding yet another
bullocho sprig (long-stemmed),
and a rare display of the
Sacheonwang [Four Heavenly Kings].
Jukrim-jeong-sa is a new small temple over to the west of Cheoneun-sa (just across National Highway 19;
just SW of Sandong Valley)
, with the above Samseong-gak sporting the below excellent dancheong paintings.