This modern temple built on an ancient sacred site is just west of the Baekdu-daegan Ridgeline-Trail in
Ibaek-myeon District of Namwon City.  It was visited by the Baekdu-daegan hikers on a rainy day of 9/2007.
Jiri-san Sujeong-bong's      Juji-sa
Elsewhere in this Section -- the
Inner-Northwest Sector of Jiri-san:
Baemsa-gol Scenic Valley and Samdo-bong Peak
Banya-bong, Peak of Prajna Wisdom
Myohyang-am, the Mystical-Fragrance Hermitage
Shrines in the Unbong-myeon District
Deokchi-ri Pass Monument
Manbok-dae, Gori-bong, Segeol-bong,
Barae-bong and & Deokdu-bong
Hwangsan Victory Monument at Hwasu-ri Village
Blood Rock near Hwang-san
and Yeowon-jae Pass with Yeowon-am
Along the Baekdu-daegan Trail, just north of Jiri Park
in the Inner-Northwest Sector of Jiri-san
This Mountain Spirit painting in the small Sanshin-gak left of the Main Hall, painted with oils
on a thin sheet of metal (
!) (the reason for the uneven glare), is stunning in its uniqueness!
Including an entire family of four tigers, the patriarch with a lion's mane... never seen before.
The statue in front features exaggeratedly-large staff-with-gourd and ginseng-plant motifs.
a Tiger with a Lion's mane!!!
thin and shy...
Roger Shepherd on the Yeowon-jae Pass,
where the Baekdu-daegan Trail crosses
Highway 24
(running from Namwon to Unbong
.  next to him is a classic style Korean
jangseung guardian spirit statute, above
him are three regular tombs and on the left
is a wooden signpost of the trail.
Yeowon-am is a humble temple right on the pass, with a pretty pond in front.
the almost-hidden Yong-wang statue,  and the well-house in back of the temple that contains it,
with the Sanshin-gak on top -- also made of cement, which is unusual.
a simple San-shin in his grotto-gak.
This pass, Yeowon-jae, is associated with
one of the great national-history stories of
Jiri-san, Namwon City and the Baekdu-
daegan Range.  See
this page to learn it.