This is the San-shin painting found in the Mountain-spirit Shrine of
Jiri-san Samshin-san Hyeongje-bong Jitong-sa Temple in 1999.  Its
age is unknown, but it was probably done in the 1960s or so.  It is
rather crudely-done, standard and entirely unexceptional.
Humble Temple in the Bucheon-ri Valley

in the Central-South Sector of Jiri-san  (West of Samshin-bong)
Jitong-sa is on the western slope of Jiri's central-south Hyeongje-bong
[Brother Peak, a very common name] (1115m), part of the long ridge running
up to Gwaneum-bong (1171m) that forms the top of the Akyang Valley, and
on up to the very sacred
Samshin Peak.  This small temple, with nothing very
interesting about it, is found about halfway up the 6-km-long
[Behind Stream Village] Valley], through which runs the Shin-gi-cheon
Stream.  This is part of Hwagye-myeon District of Hadong-gun County, the
next valley east from the famous
Hwagye-dong Valley; further to the east is
Akyang Valley of Akyang-myeon District.  This is a very-seldom-visited
area of Jiri-san, pretty far south of the National Park boundary.