an important modern temple on Jiri's southeast, on National Highway 20
in the Eastern (W Sancheong County) Sector of Jiri-san
The Shin-jung [Assembly of Guardian Spirits] painting in
the Main Hall, with details of San-shin (holding only a tablet
signifying official rank),
Yong-Wang [Dragon-King of Waters],
and the
dongja attendants playing music beside them.
The magnificently-crafted modern San-shin and Dok-seong paintings in Jeonggak-sa's Samseong-gak
Chil-seong painting with the Bukseong-shin in that Samseong-gak
"Bang-jang-san Jeonggak-sa" is right on the south side of east-west-running National Highway 20 where it intersects
with National Highway 59 (heading south), southeast of the core area of Jiri-san, about 6 km due south of
Established after the Korean War period, it has become an important study and meditation monastery of the Jogye
Order; both in position and significance it perfectly balances Taean-sa in Jiri's far southwest.   "Bangjang-san" is not
indicated on any of my maps; this location is surrounded in all four cardinal directions with subsidiary peaks of the Jiri
Mountains ranging from 600 to 900 meters, and this temple rests right at the northern foot of Ju-san (831m), a
member of the last
Branch of the Baekdu-daegan mountain-energy line.  Jeonggak-sa features a wide variety of
unusually-excellent temple art -- both its icons and its wall-paintings -- as shown here.
an excellent Daoist-type Shinseon [Spirit-Immortal] wall-painting, almost a San-shin except
that there is no tiger.  The
dongja-boy carries in a ginseng root tied to a stick, and there is
an incense burner on the rock behind him, as we often see in
Dokseong paintings.
Buddhist-type Shinseon wall-painting;  and five dongja-boys gathering bullocho herbs-of-immotality.
Seven Daoist-type Shinseon reading from scrolls on a high remote
cliff with pine trees -- the Korean version of the famous Chinese
Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove" motif;  and the story of the
self-enlightenment of Korea's great Master-Monk
two classic Seon [Zen, Ch'an] Buddhist stories of mastership-transmission, in Korean-mountain style
the classic Seon hanging-from-vine metaphor-story,  and a demon-guardian
panels number 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the classic Seon metaphor-story "Ten Ox-Herding Pictures"
-- these are quite unusual depictions, with 5, 6 & 7's contents differing from the standards.