the Sam-shin paintings of Hwaeom-sa
Hwaeom-sa's magnificent
antique San-shin painting
-- one of Korea's best
Details of San-shin's face, transparent and peaked
Daoist "cloud cap" covering a crown, his thin snaky
"dragon-head" staff; and the leopard-spotted tiger's face.
The (torn) Dok-seong painting, quite
unusual for the adult male
attendant behind him.  That's a great
art-concept background of a mountain...
The magnificent Chil-seong
painting, with all 49 stars
represented in a rich display,
including a VERY long-head
Bukseong-shin [North Star
Spirit of Longevity] top-right.

Note the
[Jade Emperor of Heaven]

(detail to the right)
, the earthly
officials depicted similarly to
San-shins, and the S
[Kings of the Four
(West is detailed
to the left)
in the four corners.
The Shin-jung painting in the great Hwaeom Hall includes San-shin
holding a ginseng root, but with only its upper part showing.
Statues and paintings of some of the 16 Nahan [Arhants, original
enlightened disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha] in their
Nahan-jeon Hall.
The above San-shin painting is enshrined here, instead of in a
[shrine] of his own, seeming to give him status equal to theirs -- a fairly
common phenomena these days, in older large temples.
the Judgements and Tortures of Buddhist Hell, from a
cautionary painting in Hwaeom-sa's Myeongbu-jeon Hall
Jiri-san is listed as one of Korea's most sacred
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