Scenic Gorge in the Eastern Macheon-myeon District
Leading up South to Deokpyeong-bong and Chilseon-bong Peaks, in far-southeastern Hamyang-gun
in the Inner-Northeast / Hamyang County Sector of Jiri-san
Further in the Inner-Northeast / S.
Hamyang County Sector of Jiri-san:
Byeok-song-sa and the West Hermitage
Beobhwa-san, the Dharma-Blossom Mountain
Eomcheon-gang River Area:  N. Munsu-sa.
Gyeonbul-sa, major new "Viewing Buddha Temple"
Eastern Macheon-myeon District: Baekmu-dong Scenic Valley,
Chottae-bong & Yeong- shin Peaks,
Seseok-pyeongjeon Field & Seseok-cheon Spring
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