the small Hermitages above Cheoneun-sa:
Dogye-am  and  Samil-am
지리산 노고단  도계암 & 삼일암
in the Southwestern Sector of Jiri-san
At the foot of Nogo-dan Peak, just a little up the paved highway from Cheoneun-sa,
Dogye-am Hermitage boasts charming traditional architecture -- but unusual for a
Buddhist worship-complex, because instead of the usual red, green, yellow & blue
earth-tones it is in white-with-bare-wood, like a Neo-Confucian residence...
The modern San-shin painting is really quite ordinary, however.
The Hall for four folk-spirits in the back is labeled by its signboard
as a "Chilseong-gak" -- a throwback to 18th-Century traditions,
quite rare to see in a newly-built one.  The ordinary Dok-seong --->
The Chil-seong painting with well-appointed altar, a mysterious Buddha-painting,
and an unusually symmetrical Yong-wang painting on the side-wall.
In the Shinjung-taenghwa of Dogye-am, San-shin
is holding a bullocho right next to Dongjin-bosal
-- whose winged-helmet is oddly tilted.
Just a bit further up from Cheoneun-sa, the small Samil-am
[Three-One Hermitage, possibly a reference to Korea's Mach First
1919 Independence Movement, but more likely a religious "Trinity is
really One" reference]
displays a standing natural stone on
which is inscribed
Sanwang-daeshin-euibiseok [Monument
of Mountain-King (is a ) Great Spirit]
, similar to the old rock at
Cheoneun-sa,  looking to be quite old (by its fungus-patina)
but nobody really knows...   In the Shinjung-taenghwa
(right), San-shin is up-front clutching a ginseng root.