Jiri-san's Cheonhwang-bong
지리산  천황봉   1915 meters
Exquisite-Wisdom Mountain's  Heavenly-King Peak
in the Inner-Southeast Sector of Jiri-san,  and above some others
Viewed from the east, on National Highway #20.   Jiri-san Cheonhwang-bong  
[Exquisite-Wisdom Mountain Heavenly-King Peak] is 1915 meters high, making it
mainland southern Korea's highest peak
(Halla-san on Jeju-do Island is 1950).   It is a
major goal of, if not the supreme accomplishment for, all mountain-hikers in Korea.
It is the first major peak trekked along the 735-km
Baekdu-daegan Crest Trail.
Viewed from the southeast, closer up, in the valley leading to the Beobgye-sa Ipku Trailhead.
The female deity inhabiting and personifying Cheonhwang-bong, the
[Holy-Mother Grandma Mountain-spirit] (link below) is the most important and
influential female San-shin in all of Korea, and has few superiors among all Korean deities.
Viewed from the south, on the way up, at about 1400 meters
Jiri-san's Cheonhwang-bong summit seen from the north (Hamyang County)
Viewed from the south in February 2007, at the Samshin-bong Tunnel up above Naedae-cheon Valley
Seen from the NW
from Google Earth
The famous modern monument on the summit, where all hikers have their picture taken!