Samseong-gung -- Three Sages Palace
Korea's Daoist Utopia in the SW part of Cheonghak-dong [Azure-Crane Village]
in the Far-South (Hadong-gun, below Samshin-bong) Sector of Jiri-san
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Further in Jiri's Far-South Sector:
Akyang-myeon District, Mid-to-Lower Cheonghak Valley  &  Hadong Town Temples
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Special Dances and Rituals of
the October 1993 Cheonje Festival
at the Cheon-gung Shrine
the general view of the ceremonies on that afternoon
Master Ham Peul (ochre robes) and Kang Man-hong (a well-known professor of Korean traditional dances, white
robes) perform an improvisational Daoist White-Crane Dance in front of the
Cheon-gung [Heavenly Palace]
Then, senior members of this association cross the bridge to the shrine
a combination Daoist / Neo-Confucian ritual, of their own unique
design, is performed for the spirits of Korea's Founder-Kings
traditional-type ceremonial musicians play ancient ritual-music, off to the side
solo dancers show off their skills after the ceremonies are finished; we all drank rice-wine on the hillside