Jiri-san Chail-bong Peak
SW of Nogo-dan, SE of Sudo-am, N of Hwaeom-sa, NE of Cheoneun-sa
Site of an interesting Buddhist Legend
Looking from the NW to the SE, Chail-bong Peak (1008m) looms over Sudo-am Hermitage.
It is about 2 km down the long ridge running SSW from Jongseok-dae Peak (1356m,  a
sub-peak of
Nogo-dan), in-between Cheoneun-sa and Hwaeom-sa, in Jiri-san National Park.
The Legend of Chail-bong

This peak is named Chail-bong as it looks like an old-fashioned sunshade ("chail" in vernacular Korean), but it also
has other several names:  
Ubeon-dae [Monk Ubeon's Platform], Jongseok-dae [Stone Bell Platform], and Gwaneum-
[Bodhisattva of Compassion Platform].  The Ambul Rock on top of this peak was used as a natural observatory.  

It is told that Ubeon-josa, a high-ranking monk of the Shilla Kingdom, resolved to practice meditation for ten years in
the legendary Sangseon-am Hermitage high above Cheoneun-sa Valley (NW of Chail-bong), convinced that its
pungsu [geomantic] qualities would assist him to full Buddhahood.  One day, after he had practiced this asceticism
for nine years, a beautiful woman appeared seductively in front of him.  Captivated by her charms, Ubeon abandoned
his monastic restrictions and followed after her.  She climbed and climbed, passing a beautiful forest dotted with a
variety of wildflowers.  The monk was eager to catch her and finally reached this peak.   However, the woman then
disappeared and
Gwanse-eum-bosal [the Bodhisattva of Compassion] suddenly appeared on a ledge and looked
down on him.  Surprised, he realized that the deity had tested him with temptation
(just as Sakyamuni Buddha had
been tempted before enlightenment by demons disguised as lovely-sexy girls)
, and he sincerely repented his foolishness.

Gwaneum Bodhisattva disappeared, leaving a huge bell-shaped rock where he had stood.  To overcome his
delusions through deeper asceticism, Ubeon vowed to devote himself solely to his seated meditation on that spot.  
The great stone bell rang at very moment that he broke through to highest enlightenment.  The place where the monk
sat is called Ubeon-dae, and is also known as Jongseok-dae for the mysterious stone bell.  The spot where his
mystical mentor is said to have stood is called
Gwaneum-geumdae [Bodhisattva of Compassion's Golden Platform].
Chail-bong over the Main Hall and Courtyard of Hwaeom-sa,  looking NE at night