Byeoksong-sa  and  Seo-am
Small Ancient Temple & Amazing New Branch on Jiri's NE Slope
in the Inner-Northeast  (E Hamyang County) Sector of Jiri-san
the San-shin cliff-carving
he holds a leaf-type fan, and sits on the realistic tiger;  a dongja-boy offers peaches-of-immortality
The charming Sanshin-gak and excellent antique San-shin painting of Byeoksong-sa
Byeoksong-sa [Wall of Pines Temple] was founded in the Unified Shilla Dynasty.  It's a small
quiet place now, with not much remaining of its ancient history except a Three-Storey Granite
Pagoda (Treasure #474).  Because there was no room for expansion on the site, its monks
constructed a new subsidiary temple right nearby, formally named
Seo-am-jeongsa  and
popularly known as
Seo-am [West Hermitage] -- an amazing palace of rock, with stupendous
large stone carving of all the principal Buddhist and Folk-Buddhist deities.  Not well-known for
unknown reasons, it's quite a memorable place to visit
the entranceway, with San-shin visible behind