Jincheon-gun   Seongju-san
"Saint-Forest Temple" with Stone-carved Sanshin
Just northeast of Jincheon Town, at a low hill they call Seongju-san [Saint-abidng Mtn], this is the
Seongrim-sa or Seong-lim-sa [Saint-Forest Temple], founded in the early Goryeo Dynasty.
they carved Sanshin images into a big boulder some 20 years ago, to make a natural shrine
in the Main Hall, this magnificent modern combination Sanshin and Chilseong painting!
The Mountain-King holds a Seon-master's fly-wisk  and the staff-with-gourd, has pure-golden robes
and a prominent gold halo.  The girl-dongja holds a common offering of 3 immortality-peaches, while
the boy-dongja holds only a branch, strange -- but also carries bullocho in a backpack.  The turtle at
the bottom, a ship-jangsaeng element, is highly-unusual.  Two cranes are in the pine above...
the Shinjung-taenghwa [Assembly of the Guardian Spirits altar-painting] in the Main Hall
San-shin  (right)  -- wise and benign
Yong-wang  (center)  -- very suspicious of somebody!
Kind Hosts and Grateful Visitors,  April 16th 2011