The Samseong-gak
of Hongseong Yongbong-sa
Exemplary modern "Three Sages Shrine", a delight to find and explore
Great San-shin painting with rare, highly-sacred white tiger on the western outer wall
Daoist and Buddhist Shinseon [Spirit-Immortals] on the rear (northern) outer wall
very fancy Altar for the Main Man, with wooden canopy and buddhas on the side indicating high deity-status
Wow, modern Sanshin-do just don't get much better than this!   Five dongja attendants
with all sorts of symbols, and two cranes carry a peach and a
bullocho in their beaks!
Chilseong-dan [Seven Stars Altar] in the
center of this Shrine, and its
[North Star Spirit of Longevity]
Superb modern Dokseong-taenghwa [Lonely Saint Altar-Painting], obviously by the same artist