Gyeongju's  Toham-san
The famous  "Stone Grotto Hermitage"
Near the peak of Toham-san, Seokgul-am is a complimentary subsidiary of Bulguk-sa, and together they are Korea's
greatest artistic treasure, grandest temple-complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of
Korea's top-20 temples.
The relief-carving of the 11-head manifestation of Gwanse-eum-bosal  
(觀世音菩薩, Avalokitesvara the Bodhisattva of Compassion), holding a
jeongbyeong [ritual bottle] or kundika holy-water-sprinkler with a lotus flower
in it, is an even more excellent artwork that the main Buddha it remains
hidden behind -- maybe the best single carving in all of Korea!
Photo of Seokgul-am soon after its rediscovery in the forest by a Japanese mailman,
taken in 1909 by a Professor Dadashika;  published in Lotus Lantern magazine
photos from the first attempted restoration in 1913
photo of a scale-model in the Seogkul-am Technology Museum
in the nearby Folk-Handicrafts Village, where you can learn
details about the amazing design of this grotto's engineering
Sanshin and Dokseong icons in the modern Main Hall -- made of cast metal, unique!
the Mountain-spirit is shown reading a book, a rare feature found only in the Gyeongju & Andong areas.
The non-spectacular hermitage where this treasure
remains hidden under its tomb-like mound;  and the
view that this Buddha is staring at, straight down a
long valley to the East Sea -- right where Gameun-
saji temple-site and Taewnang-neung are located,
and right where the sun rises on the Winter Solstice.