Gyeongju City's    Seondo-san
3-Story Stone Pagoda
of Hyohyeon-dong
A very typical "samcheung-seoktap" (Three-Story Stone Pagoda) of the Shilla Kingdom,
standing on the southern foot of Seondo-san, in Hyohyeon-dong (Loyal-Rice Village).
It is thought to have been carved and erected in the 800s, and a record named the
Donggyeong-japgi says that it was the focal-point of a temple named Aegong-sa, no
other trace of which now exists.  It is 4.6 meters tall, with a doubled base, relief-carved
corner-pillars and 4-step cornices; the filial is missing.  
This pagoda was renovated in 1973, and is designated as Treasure [
bomul] #67.
This pagoda is nearby a luxuriant forest of some of Korea's tallest & oldest
sacred red pine trees that surrounds the
Tomb of King Beopheung.