Gyeongju's Nam-san's famous
Seven Buddhas Rock on southern Geum-o-san
Still  Under  Construction
Gyeongju Nam-san is listed as one of Korea's most
sacred places on Martin Gray's excellent Sacred
Sites of the World website, on
this page about Korea.
For plenty of information and beautiful photos of the
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Sacred Earth: Places of Peace and Power.
Nice Heritage Videos on YouTube showing some of the Treasures here:
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Chilbul-am,  the Seven Buddhas Rocks and Hermitage
The main triad is Sokgamoni-bul  [Sakyamuni Buddha, 563-483 BCE]  flanked by standing
Gwanse-eum-bosal [觀世音菩薩, Avalokitesvara the Bodhisattva of Compassion] on the left and
Munsu-bosal [文殊菩薩, Manjusri the Bodhisattva of Wisdom] on the right.  There is a 4-sided
rock in front of it with a Buddha carved on each side; their identities are controversial.
Nam-san Shinseon-am,  a separate devotional site with an excellent carving of Amita-bul  [Amitabha
the Buddha of Western Paradise], sort of a "bonus" to this already-amazing place,  dramatically
perched on the cliff right above Chilbul-am, offering a wonderful view towards
Toham-san to the east.
Samseong-gak  [Three Spirits Shrine]
Samseong paintings of the Samseong-gak
excellent photos of this site from
the good
January 2013 post on
Dale's Korean Temple Adventures
Shinseon-am, it's carving of Gwanse-eum-bosal and the view down of Chilbul-am's Samseong-gak's roof from it.