Gaya-san Wonhyo Cave
Sanshin-je Ceremony
for the Seondo Korean Daoist
"Great Master Wonhyo Memorial
Seminar and Peace Festival"
June 6th, 2009
Seminar on Wonhyo's cross-religious legacy, held at Hanseo University,
on Gaya-san's southwestern slope,  Seosan City, South Chungcheong Province
Wonhyo-bong Peak looming above Hanseo University Campus
trail to the Wonhyo Cave near that peak, 8pm
the Fifth Full Moon rising behind us
Baekdu-daegan-super-hiker Roger Shepard in the Cave where legend says that
Wonhyo, one of Korea's greatest master-monks and probably the most famous,
practiced meditation towards his self-enlightenment in the mid-600s CE.  This
cave also has served as a mountain-spirit venerating site for many centuries.
I talk about the significance of Sanshin-je mountain-spirit ceremonies at
such a place, in relation to Wonhyo's legacy, under only the full-moonlight
I then led performance of a Sanshin-je mountain-spirit-venerating ritual, dedicated to Great Master Wonhyo
-- who may himself have performed a similar ceremony at or near this site, around 1350 years ago...
sharing the sanctified rice-wine and foods
Thanks to Seondo Master Kim Hyun-moon for arranging this excellent event!
The photos on this page
were taken by myself,
my wife Lourdes and
my friend Krzysztof