Jangheung  Gaji-san  가지산
County Park of Jangheung County, South Jeolla Province
(don't confuse with Ulsan Gaji-san in South Gyeongsang)
one of the "Nine Mountain Zen-Gate" sites:
Borim-sa Seon Monastery
The historic late-Shilla pagodas of Borim-sa [Treasure-Forest Temple], which is one of
Gusan-Seonmun "Nine Mountain Zen-Gate" monasteries that introduced Seon Meditational
Buddhism to Korea in the 800s.  The pagoda-pair is designated as National Treasure #44.
Early Goryeo Dynasty iron Biro-bul Statue, a great Treasure
This photos and all lower ones on this page are from my temple-loving friend Dale Q
The Biro-jeon Hall now hosting it.
Ancient Stone Buddha Statue
Bright-color 21st-century Sanshin Taenghwa [Mountain-Spirit Altar-Painting]
The Budo [Funerary cremation-remains Monument] of Seon Master Chejing (體澄; 804-890),
who founded this temple as home of the Gaji-san Sect, as the grand-disciple of Master Doui,
who had studied in China under Zhizang (735-814) and Baizhang (百丈; 749-814).

This temple flourished from the very end of the Unified Shilla Era though the Goryeo Dynasty,
but then declined under the Joseon Dynasty.  It was burned during the 1950-53 Korean War,
but its treasures shown here were saved.  It has been slowly rebuilt since the 1970s.