Cheong-ok-san / Duta-san
청옥산 1403m   /   두타산 1353m
County Park of Samcheok City
major twin mountains on the Baekdu-daegan Ridgeline
Duta-san's summit, part of the Baekdu-daegan
frozen in winter
the summit of Duta-san, already icy in Autumn, from Choson Wolgan SAN magazine, Sept 2010
Duta-san seen from south of it, on the Baekdu-daegan crest-trail
photos by Roger & Andrew
Duta-san's  Galmi-bong,  a challenging peak on the Baekdu-daegan crest-trail
Cheongok-san means "Azure-Jade Mountain", like a palace up in
sky built of pure precious jade;  while
Duta-san means "Tushita-
Heaven Mountain".  Both are referencing the
Buddhist deva-realm
of Contentment, where Mireuk-bosal [Maitreya Bodhisattva] and
other deities reside in perfect compassionate contemplation before
their rebirth as a Buddha or etc into our realm of existence.

These holy names were given to these great peaks by great Master
Jajang-Yulsa in the early 640s, to sacralize them for Buddhism.

"Poets and painters have sought out Duta-san Samhwa-sa Temple for centuries
for its incredible scenery."  -- quote obtained by
Roger Shepherd.

"The west peak of Mt. Duta-san, where the temple is located, is said to look like a
phoenix and a crane; while the east peak has the shape of a tiger and a dragon."
-- quote from the
Taengni-ji book of Korean Pungsu-jiri.