Chilbo-san   칠보산
Mountain of Seven Buddhist Treasures
on the east coast of North Korea
Gaeshim-sa [Opening-the-Mind/Heart Temple],  the principal historic monastery
here, with what appears to be a small Sanshin-gak beside the main hall.
This sacred mountain is a North Korean National Park, on the largest protuberance
on the east coast of Hamgyeong Province, and the United Nations World Tourism
Organization is working on a project to assist its opening and development for
international visits.  However, the October 2006 explosion that was claimed to be a
test of a nuclear weapon was conducted just south of here, a factor that is not very
auspicious for the future of this area as a tourism attraction...
Habiro-am  [Lower Vairocana-Buddha Hermitage]  below the Biro-bong summit