Part of the Cheonseong-san sub-range-line
right on the
Nakdong Jeongmaek Range-Line
Wonhyo-san   Wonhyo-am
Just 700m south of Wonhyo-san (922m, southwest of Cheonseong-san), hikers will find
the charming Wonhyo-am Hermitage at about 750m altitude
(quite high for Korea) just
barely down the west side of the ridge-trail along the Nakdong-Jeongmaek.
The woodcarved-triad icons of Wonhyo-am's Samshin-gak, behind the Main Hall
San-shin, clutching a Bullo-cho
Yeongji-beoseot) sprig -- fairly
ordinary in all other motifs
twin portraits of Korea's most-famous ancient master-monks:
Uisang-daesa (left) and his close friend Wonhyo-daesa (right)
An unusual painting on a rock-face
of a princely deity, in a cave-like
shrine -- probably originally a
Shamanic Heavenly-Spirit but now
venerated as a San-shin here...
All photos on this page were
taken by my friend Andrew Douch
on his
Nakdong-Jeongmaek Trek.
Thanks for his contribution!
Excellent rock-engravings of an Amita-Buddha Triad,
probably 20th-Century, next to Wonhyo-am