Changwon City   Bongrim-san
Site of one of the "Nine Mountain Zen-Gates":
Bong-lim-sa  "Phoenix-Forest"  Seon Monastery
and the newly-built Bongrim-sa
South Gyeongsang Province,  Naknam-Jeongmak Range
The still-under-construction "Bongrim-sa" at the foot of Mt. Bongrim-san at the top of Bongrim-dong
neighborhood in northern Changwon City.  It is the trailhead for the
Bong-lim-saji [Phoenix-Forest
Temple-site] near the top of the mountain, which is where one of the historic Gusan-Seonmun or
"Nine Mountain Zen-Gates" Seon Monasteries was located from the 8th Cen CE until the Korean war.  
(about 300m) is just SW of Jeongbyeong-san 567m and also on the Naknam-Jeongmaek
Range; the Changwon Country-Club Golf Course is between this modern temple and the old site.
signs on the local street point the way
1500-m trail leading up from the modern temple to Bongrim-saji;
unfortunately there's nothing left there but a clearing in the forest
Late-20th-Cen monument at the trailhead for Bongrim-saji Site in a stand of bamboo, and a photo in
the modern temple's office of the Late-Shilla Three-Story Pagoda -- the only major relic of Bongrim-sa
left after heavy shelling during the Korean War devastated the ancient site, now kept at a local college
campus.  The Bongnim-san Seon School 봉림산문 (鳳林山門), at 봉림사 was established by Seon-
Master Weongam (圓鑑; 787-869) and his student Simhui (審希; fl. 9c).   
Weongam was a student of Chan
Master Zhangjing Huaihui (
章敬懷暉; 748-835), in the transmission-lineage from Sixth Patriarch Huineng.
construction-plan for the modern temple, showing a future Sanshin-gak at upper-right near the trail-head
becoming-typical display of folk-Buddhist votive-offerings at the base of that monument
old tombs of local VIPs on the way up to the clearing
(my photo of the clearing itself failed, sorry)
the newly-built Dae-ung-jeon Main Hall
Shinjung-taenghwa in that Main Hall
San-shin (above), Yong-wang (below) and the
Dharma-King of the West
(right) in that Shinjung-do
the temporary Sanshin-gak
San-shin and Yong-wang statues decorated
yeomju chant-bead-necklaces