Buyeo Town's  Heungseong-san
Featuring a good Sanshin-gak and Huge Ancient Maitreya Statue
Daejo-sa [Great Foundation Temple] was founded south of the Baekje capital Buyeo in the last years of that
Kingdom.  Its standard 3-story pagoda (with newly-restored top) was build in the subsequent Unified Shilla
Dynasty (8th Cen).  Its key feature, the gigantic standing
Mireuk-bul [Maitreya Buddha] statue was carved
and erected during the Goryeo Dynasty (11th-13th Cen?), but there are no records about it.  Its Main Hall is
entitled by its
Hanja signboard a Mireuk-bojeon [Maitreya Treasure-Hall], which is highly unusual.
Daejo-sa's exemplary modern Sanshin-gak, built over a former primitive shamanic mountain-spirit altar
fairly standard modern Sanshin-do
good hanja Signboard:  R to L, "Sanshin-gak"
standard modern Dokseong-do, clearly by the same artist
Charming cruelty -- deer tied up as living icons

Right:  the ancient pagoda and new bell
On the outer walls of the Main Hall are 8 of the standard "Ten Ox Paintings" of Seon [Chan, meditational, Zen]
Buddhism but the series begins with #1 & #2 on the west wall instead of on the typical east one.
The Ten Ox series then proceeds with #3, #4, #5 & #6 across the front of the Main Hall instead of the rear, which is highly unusual!
The series then concludes with #7 & #8 on the east wall -- #9 & #10 are ommitted, not so unusual.
Three didactic paintings are found on the rear of the Main Hall where the 10-Ox and maybe Life-of-Buddha ones would normally be.
Here, the Second-
Chan-Patriarch-to-be expresses his sincerety-to-learn to Bodhidharma, at the Song-shan Meditation Cave.
The Fifth Chan Patriarch recognizes Huineng, later to certify him as Sixth Patriarch
A very rare depiction of the legend of Munsu-bosal [Bodhisattva of Wisdom] appearing in the form of a
back-washing boy to King Sejo (15th Cen) near
Odae-san Sangwon-sa! (which is nowhere near here)
the spring and Dragon / Disciple shrine