Bulam-san   불암산
the dramatic "Buddha-Rock Mountain" in NE Seoul
part of the Bukhan-san Sub-range
Bul-am-san [Buddha-Rock Mountain] forms part of the border of north-eastern Seoul with Namyangju
City, up behind the vast Taeneung facilities (most of its temples are in Namyangju).  Its sharp summit
is 508 meters high.  The rounded cliff-peak on its left is called
Cheonbo-san [Heavenly-Treasure
Mountain], although this is not used on maps.   Seven interesting temples with fascinating iconographic
quirks and unique religious features, along with many good hiking-trails, are found on the slopes.
a view from Gwanak-san to the south, through typical haze
Bulam-san (pointed, center) with its subsidiary Cheonbo-san (rounded, left) and its partner
Surak-san (rocky, right) as seen from my old neighborhood in Gangdong-gu (far-SE
Seoul), about 15 km away, in May 2006.  Many hikers use the long ridge between them
(crossed by a highway over the pass) to climb both peaks in one really LONG day of hiking...
Bulam-san was so-named
because its distinctive rocky
pointed peak
(shown on this page
from different angles)
believed to be an enlightened
San-shin / Buddha manifesting
up into this world.  Explanation of
this concept can be found
On the peak of Bulam-san with my old friend and climbing-partner
Mark, June 2002.  Bulam-san is very steep, and from a distance
displays a distinctive pyramid-shape profile.
a variety of neo-traditionalist Shamanic and Buddhist folk-art decorates Bulam-san' s entranceway

Bulam-sa           [Buddha-Rock Temple]  (2 pages)
Seokcheon-am  [Stone-Heaven Hermitage]
Okcheon-am      [Jade Heaven Hermitage]
West Cheonbo-sa  [Heavenly Treasure Temple]
Gyeongsu-sa     [Luminescent Water Temple
Doam-sa            [Tao Rocks Temple]
East Cheonbo-sa  [Heavenly Treasure Temple]
Sucheon-am      [Water-Heaven Hermitage]
Han River
The gold-on-black motif
San-shin painting of
Seonggwan-sa [Enlightenment
Hall Temple]
on the western
slope of Cheonbo-san (SW
of Bulam-san's peak).