琵瑟山    비슬산
Sacred Mountain with many Buddhist Temples,
Southwest of Daegu City
The lower slopes are famous for fields of Azalea flowers, and there is a festival for them every
May-June.  "The shape of the big rock on top of the mountain seems like a
Sanshin playing a
geomungo (거문고; ancient Korean harp) So people started to call this mountain “playing
graceful music” (‘
’ meaning Korean harp or flute, pipa; ‘’ meaning graceful).  This story was
found on
this web-page.  Another tale says that the high rocks here look like prayer-beads.
Sacred Sites of Biseul-san:





Neo-Confucian Seowon and Hyanggyo

Me at the San-shin-gak of Biseul-san Nam-jijang-sa
Temple south of Daegu City, Autumn 1999.  
Photo by my old friend Kwon Soon-il.
Daegyeong-bong [Great-View Peak], the summit of Biseul-san at 1084 metres,
as shot from Daegyeong-sa [Great-View Temple], one of the many sacred sites.

Biseul-san is a County Park of Dalseong County (비슬산군립공원) of Daegu Metro City;
some sites and maps (as below) mistakenly call it a national or provincial park,
because they are mistaking 군
gun for 국 guk,  due to 군립 gungnip for 국립 gugnip.
Entranceway bridge to Yongyeon-sa's most sacred shrines
View of the peaks over Yuga-sa, by my friend Dale.