Bing-san or Bukdu-san
Daeheung-sa  and Bulam-sa
small temples in the Bingsan Gyegok Valley Park
There are two small, quirky Buddhist
temples way up the southwestern
road of this Bingsan Valley.  The first
one seen,
Daeheung-sa or "Great
Arising Temple", is most interesting...
And that's because of its'
or "Mountain-spirit Shrine"  
This "Sanshin-gak" turns out to really be a Samseong-gak [Three Saints Shrine] -- one with a
most unusual triad!   There is no
Chil-seong [Seven Stars of Destiny] icon, typically in the
middle position.   Instead,
San-shin [Mountain-spirit] is in the center, and he is flanked by
Dok-seong [Lonely Saint] on left and Yong-Wang [Dragon-King of the Waters] on the right.
This San-shin painting is modern and well-done, but really quite ordinary --
save for the bizarre "flower-stamen" headgear on the
dongja boy-attendant!!
The Dok-seong and Yong-Wang are also quite simple and
ordinary  --  and apparently done by the same artist.
Bulam-sa [Buddha-Rock Temple] is just a bit further up that
valley, and is made of the most modernist faux-country-folk
architecture that I have ever seen used for a temple!
this sort of motif is now used for restaurants and pension-motels)
.  It
sports a simple pagoda and a lovely
biseok monument.  On
this day in July 2013 nobody was there and it was all locked...